Answers to Common Questions

What are ECE and the ECS?

The ECE is an abbreviation we use for early childhood care and education, which is all childcare and education that takes place in a multitude of settings (in-home, center-based, public school pre-k, etc.) for children ages 0 to 5.

The ECS is an abbreviation we use for the early childhood system, which encompasses childcare and education settings, families, children, funding, and support services.

What are Shared Services Models?

In a Shared Services Model, a group of ECE sites pool their resources to better meet their administrative and professional development needs. By pooling resources, providers are better able to build on the quality of programming, reduce costs, increase flexibility, and sustain operations.

What is a Mixed-Delivery System?

A mixed-delivery system is an early childhood system that offers early childhood care and education services through multiple types of providers, including licensed in-home and center-based child care, community-based organizations, and public schools, all funded with both public and private funding.

What is an Ideal Learning Approach?

An ideal learning approach is one that takes a holistic approach to early childhood care and education. These approaches share several core beliefs about high-quality education and what every child needs to thrive. They center around equitable, relational, play-based, and interactive environments. Approaches may vary based on a variety of circumstances, but all include things like a unifying curriculum, educator training, and professional development.

What are Two Generation Approaches?

Two-generation (2Gen) approaches specifically work with both children and the adults in their lives to build and maintain family well-being. They recognize and acknowledge families in whatever way they define themselves, and work to help those families solve problems, access resources, and hone their skills.

Why is The Alliance focused on Black and Brown children and families?

The largest gaps in access to high-quality early childhood care and education affect Black and Brown families, as well as lower income families. It is our goal to ensure that every single child in the St. Louis region has access to affordable, high-quality early childhood care and education, regardless of race, income, and zip code. But right now, the biggest disparities exist for Black and Brown families, so that is where we are focusing our efforts.

How will The Alliance ensure it is community-led and not funder-led?

We are dedicated to ensuring that ECE providers and families most impacted by historical and existing issues in the systems are making decisions about where and how to allocate resources.

How is The Alliance funded?

The Alliance was formed through the generosity of an anonymous local foundation committed to supporting and strengthening the ECE system. We pursue ongoing support from partners who align with our mission, vision, and core values. Interested in supporting our work?

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How can I donate to The Alliance?

Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor, the St. Louis Community Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support.

All contributions to the Gateway Early Childhood Alliance are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by US law through The Alliance's fiscal sponsor, the St. Louis Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the IRS.

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