Theory of Action

Theory of Action

Our Theory of Action envisions what can happen when our strategies are hard at work. In communities with resilient, thriving early childcare systems that equitably serve Black and Brown children:

Families have access to affordable, high-quality care and education that meets their needs.

Early childhood providers, of all types, are valued and supported in their work.

Families have access to support and services—and are confident advocates for their children’s needs. The issues plaguing the early childhood system in St. Louis extend far beyond the facilities and will require an all-encompassing, systemic approach to resolve.

Early Childhood Education Teacher with a diverse group of children

Piecing Together the Puzzle

Deep connection between people generates the courage for bold action.

Early childhood care and education is part of a complex system wrought with historical inequity.  We are not here by accident—decades of decisions by those in power have led us to this point. But together, through networks of relationships that bridge sectors, new voices can be activated and ideas can travel and grow. Through relationships, barriers can be eliminated, and resources can be freed to create a resilient, thriving, and equitable early childhood care and education system for our most vulnerable population.  

The Pillars of Our Work

Our work will lift and activate the courage—and strength—of those who are most impacted by the strife of inequity within the ECE system. The work we do with ECE providers, families, and communities will make room for deep collaboration that will improve the lives of our children. We love our work—we are privileged to work with you.

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Capacity Building

Building the capacity of ECE providers and educators—helping them feel supported in their work—will lead to effective and sustainable programs, which will expand access to quality ECE. Through increased funding and knowledge, providers will be able to provide a high-quality experience for families and children.

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Power Building and Advocacy

Centering providers’ and families’ voices and experiences in our strategies is non-negotiable. In turn, this will generate increased connection, feelings of value, and a commitment to the field, which will lead to more supportive policies, increased funding, and expanded access to quality slots.

blue puzzle piece

Communication and Connection

We will create spaces for people within and outside of the ECE sector to create and plan together. This will enable us to collect and share the experiences of the ECE community. Together, we will create accountability and champion responsive policies and programming that put the needs of children, families, and educators first.

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Internal Infrastructure

Building a thriving organization and unified team of ECE champions will give us a strong foundation to foster and support these efforts. The background of our team will always reflect the communities we serve. We are with you in all efforts to support positive change within the ECE system.

Anticipated Outcomes

Bold action, rooted in strategy, shifts paradigms. With an unwavering commitment to facilitating the conditions for learning, sharing, and supporting strength, we can change the status quo. Our anticipated outcomes show what is possible when our strategies are hard at work.

Put the puzzle together—see how the pillars above support our outcomes below.

Capacity Building

Foster networks of relationships through which ideas and beliefs can travel, adapt, evolve, and grow.

Activate early childhood care and education providers and families to lead decision-making processes and take action

Expand public awareness and motivate public action to center racially equitable early childhood care in the St. Louis region, and its historic relevance to the structure and design of the new system.

Facilitate strategic, cross-sector alliances that recognize ECE as an integral aspect of community health and family well-being.

Believe in, facilitate, and illuminate solutions that result from the efforts of those from the community, especially those most impacted by inequities.

Circulate knowledge, resources, and promising practices so they can be adapted and adopted across the ECE system.

Amplify the voices of parents and practitioners to elevate their work and create opportunities for learning, leadership, and action.

Leverage our networks to open doors, share information, make connections, and establish relationships.

Uplift and acknowledge the lived experience of those who are doing this work.

“Change happens in this networked, interconnected world when small acts with limited power converge to create something powerful and influential. The only reason these changes happen is because of people. People who step forward and confidently, predictably, miraculously discover their true human spirits.”

—Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, Walk Out Walk On

Stand with us.

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